‘We all have the muscle of creativity in our minds,
but for it to consistently give great results it needs daily exercise.’


We know Beautiful Room as a design studio that is all about connecting people and their spaces. We are excited to introduce you to our new project, providing you with endless opportunities…

Living Studio by Beautiful Room is ready to innovate, and we need a little help. We are recrafting our space for you, opening the door to the time and tools you need for uninterrupted design planning and pure creativity. If you have a design project for a space that you own or share and need a little creative help, we would love to help, while also having your help to test run our new space as a tool to unlock your best creative solution.

We welcome our first 10 members as our innovation partners to play with our library of tools, samples, fabrics and finishes, to be brave and explore the corners of what is possible with design. Our team will be your resource to guide decisions and share inspiration, but our goal is to make this your design journey and to help you achieve your outcomes.

In addition to joining us in this pilot phase, and allowing us to help you, we are also pleased to be helping our local community. The 100% of the pilot phase fee will be directly donated to the Women’s Property Initiative, a non-for profit organisation in the community, creating housing and ongoing support for women facing homelessness, a rising issue in Australia.

We are proud to support this work now and in the future through Living Studio. You can find out more here!


How does the space work?

  • We start you on the right path with an induction
  • We welcome you to your creative space at our Living Studio
  • We put the tools in your hands to play
  • We create an atmosphere to limit distraction and foster creativity
  • We are there to prop you – to share in the conversation and explore your ideas
  • We keep you inspired with a constant flow of new fabrics, finishes and fun things to connect you to the makers and creators of our design world

What do you receive?

  • Access to tools and designer exclusive samples
  • Access to knowledge through our design guide tip sheets
  • Access to the curated Living Studio space
  • Share your design goal with those that understand and support
  • Special design pricing on our range of furniture, fabrics and finishes
  • Starter kit and more!

This testing phase is offered for four weeks in August, and for $200 you will receive all the benefits that full membership entails. Usually $480 per six months, you can choose to continue your membership for $280 after this time.

To get you started you will attend an induction and receive your starter kit, then the next steps of the journey are dictated by you! We will be a support as you seek to achieve your goals. Finally come join us in celebration at the end of the pilot period as we seek your feedback and prepare to officially launch the Living Studio in September.


This trial period has limited spaces, contact us to book and please let us know if you have any questions!