With the cooler weather, darker days and lack of sunshine, winter can leave you feeling quite miserable. However, as you spend more time indoors, decorating your home with a few key pieces is the perfect antidote to combat those winter blues.


What is a winter sanctuary without plush, soft and cosy blankets to hug you on a cold winter’s evening? From mohair, linen, faux fur, wool and cotton blends, our selection of blankets feature brands such as; St. Albans, Ralph Lauren and Gallery home – so you can be sure to find a style and price just for you.



Can you imagine a fabric that is all natural, breathable, moisture absorbent, bacteria resistant and hypo Allergenic? Well these are just some of the features of our M.M. Laundered Bed Linen. Although linen is often associated with being a summer fabric, its dual qualities actually conduct heat to keep you warm in the winter, while the high air permeability will keep you cool in the summer – making it the perfect investment piece for your bedroom oasis all year round for decades to come.



Whether you’re a traditionalist, romantic, minimalist or geometric soul, our cushion selection is sure to make an impression on your personal style. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a customised design, our team will help you select a fabric in store and have it made by our studio seamstress.



Here at Beautiful Room, embracing the lifestyle of winter is made enjoyable with a few of our favourite winter warmers for your home, bedroom, living room, your winter sanctuary.