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Welcome to the Beautiful Room blog! The website is finished and the conversation can start.

From here it will be all about design. As we type our first entry we are  struck with anticipation and excitement. There is just so much to tell you all!

We have excitedly waited for so long to have a blog, a space to share with you our  passion and knowledge for all things interior.

We’ve arrived in a new age of digital diet, where many now chew through information only really tasting the surface. What sort of bloggers will we be at Beautiful Room? What will we feed you, our readers?  Lets talk about Interior Design. In its entirety..

We assume You, just like the Beautiful Room creatives want real conversation about Interior Design. Stories on the places and spaces we inhabit, the things that inspire us and a view into how we create. We know you want to meet the interesting people we work with, those we admire and the projects that we are gifted along the way. We will not give you candy, but sweeten life by sharing the more then 24 years we have been housed in the world of interior design.

So here we go, we are about to inspire and delight, as we share “Conversations by Design”.

This November let us take you on a journey as we design, construct and emerge within our new space at Town Square Eastland.